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Thread: Peugeot Type 6/7 1894-1897

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    Peugeot Type 6/7 1894-1897

    Peugeot Type 6/7

    The Peugeot Type 6 and the Peugeot Type 7 were similar automobiles produced by Peugeot from 1894 to 1897.

    Type 6

    The Type 6 was the ordinally last Peugeot vehicle to carry over the tired 2-hp 565 cc V-twin from the earliest Peugeot models. It was larger than the Type 5 and offered for 1894 only. A mere 7 units were built and sold.

    Type 7

    More successful by far was the Type 7, which was built on the same chassis, wheelbase, and with largely the same mechanicals as the Type 6. But its engine was twice the size, and twice as powerful. 25 units were sold, and its engine would be carried over to the Type 8.


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