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Thread: Cool Team Lotus video and Nissan GTR

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    Cool Team Lotus video and Nissan GTR

    Hi guys,

    Found a great 20min documentary on beginning of Team Lotus and Colin Chapman. [ame=""][/ame]

    Also let me plug my own video I have made about the Nissan GTR () check it out!


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    just had time to check the GTR video, I assume that if the Autocar guy would sit a little bit more backwards he might go much faster. What happened to the Jim Clark stretched arms driving techniques?
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    I just have noticed that, he practically has the wheel in his lap. Driving with arms a bit bent is what is preached by racing drivers on the vids I see, though not really to that extent. He has the seat almost as far forward as my mum!

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    The Lotus F1 video will not show for "copyright reasons."
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    His driving position isn't unusual if he's short, either way it's better to have the wheel so that your arms are bent enough to allow hand crossing. Shuffle-steering is easier too. Wish the car I tested had that seat instead of the stock ones!
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