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Thread: Chevron returns to the track in 2010 with the B8 inspired GR8 ...

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    Chevron returns to the track in 2010 with the B8 inspired GR8 ...

    In April of 2010 the one-make BARC sanctioned Chevron GR8 Challenge is set to kick off, featuring the Cosworth engined Chevron GR8. This is the first all new Chevron in many years.
    In many respects the GR8 is a modern interpretation of the Chevron B8, which was built in the late 1960s and established Chevron as a serious manufacturer. Designed by Derek Bennett, the B8 was a very straightforward but effective sports racer. It sported a spaceframe chassis, clothed in a tightly wrapped fibreglass body and came with a choice of four-cylinder engines. Thanks to its light weight, it was able to compete with many larger engined rivals. Like many Chevrons, the B8 was never really retired, moving into historic racing only a few years after its contemporary racing career was over. They are still a familiar sight and very successful. So high was the demand for the nimble sports car that a continuation version was recently launched. To illustrate the GR8 launch, we have today taken a closer look at four Chevron B8s, pictured in action all over Europe in recent years.
    Like its spiritual predecessor, the GR8 is a very light machine, tipping the scales at just 600 kg. It will be powered by a 255 bhp version of the Ford based Cosworth four cylinder engine. The cars will race two rounds at each of the BARC's eight meetings in 2010. Chevron Racing is confident that at least 20 examples will make it to the grid during the GR8's first season. Currently there are only design sketches of the new Chevron available but we will keep you posted on all future developments.
    Over the last few weeks, we have made some minor changes to the site, which are listed in this forum thread. Feel free to comment on the changes or to make suggestions for us to consider.

    Enjoy the links:

    2010 Chevron GR8 Cosworth - Images, Specifications and Information

    1968 - 1970 Chevron B8 BMW - Images, Specifications and Information
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    I'm not usually a fan of older cars, but I think that one is really beautiful. The history of the car on the car page is interesting and one of my favorite things about this site. One has to wonder how high he could have reached if he had not died. Very unfortunate.
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    GR8? Seriously?
    I think a name that garners as much respect as Chevron shouldn't name their car in such a gimmicky fashion.
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    Not sure there was any intentional cheesiness, engineers don't always notice things like how the characters GR8 could be read/pronounced.
    I like the new car. It should make a great (oops!) performer and if as driver friendly as it's progenitor will be perfect for a spec class. Years ago I had the good fortune to drive a BMW powered B8, and would love to own one.
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