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Thread: UCP Awards 2009: Car of the Decade [The Enzo Issue]

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmcpokey View Post
    and that is precisely why lamborghini exists (as the video says), for people who dont care that it isnt as good, isnt as fast. here's the thing though. i do. i want to be the fastest. i want to work to get that last 10th. i want a car that i can take the track and abuse, and it doesnt break down at the end of the first straight. thats why i would never have an old ferrari, and why i desperately want a new one. i don't care how it looks. i don't really care how it sounds, although there is something magical about a ferrari engine. i just want it to be fast, and be rewarding to drive.

    lambos have always been too 'look at me' for my taste. in fact i find them to have a complete lack of taste. but thats fine if you are a new moneyed, wanna be racer with no clue about racing. i think that is why i dislike them. they are designed purely for the poseurs. they are slower than they could be, performance is a an afterthought, and driving position is compromised to say the least. that is not what i want.
    Don't get me wrong I probably like handling and speed as much as you do. But since there's almost no trackday infrastructure here and they main use for road cars are public roads, I'm not interested in that last 10th.

    I also don't want a car that's perfect but which leaves me completely cold. This is the reason why I don't like the Veyron or the GT-R and I'd wouldn't want to have them. Yes, they are very good, and very fast and very advanced, but somewhat it feels like they are just fast moving objects, with no character, soul or passion.

    To be honest if I had to choose between objective capabilities and subjective enjoyment, I'd choose the latter even if that meant ending up with a bad car.
    Lack of charisma can be fatal.
    Visca Catalunya!

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    The Enzo will not be in the finals.

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