So the three finalists are the Bugatti Veyron, the Nissan GT-R, and the Pagani Zonda F.

Which will get your vote? If you please - and I hope you do as it inspires some good discussion and that is what a forum is all about - let us know what you vote for, and most importantly, why that car deserves your vote.

The last decade I feel was a great decade for cars - I feel the 90s was a recovery from the lacklustre 70s and 80s (this is from a North American perspective at least) and it seems to me that the late 90s rolled onto the early 2000s and we had a great selection of cars of high quality to choose from. We had a decade of supercars, dick wagging contests, Nürburgring laptimes, Top Gear, hypercars (if you believe there is such a thing), horsepower wars, displacement wars... We had it all. It was a decade of excess up until late 2008 at least, and perhaps the 3 cars that made it to the final represent this - perhaps not. Some, like csl, will decry there being 3 supercars in the final, others I am sure think these three are worthy and in some way helped define this automotive decade.

EDIT: DAMNIT!!! I forgot to click add a poll! I typed in the amount of entrants but I didn't click the poll button! I need a mod to delete this please.

So go ahead and vote - I urge you to take a minute and think about your vote before you do though. Your gut reaction may feel right, but when you use your brain to temper your emotions I feel you will come up with a better answer.

May the best car win!