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Thread: 2010 Amelia Island Concours

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    A media pass... nice, were you shooting for publication, kvisser? Access for clear views on Sunday would have been a pleasure!
    But the rest of us did have opportunities. Here's Lucky Casner's Team Camoradi Corvette near the Dudley Cunningham's Bocar Stiletto, Saturday afternoon. The Stiletto is a remarkable survivor, though one look at the aero indicates serious high-speed lift and one imagines long straights driven carefully. Which may also explain why only 3 were allegedly built. Fun to see at vintage events, though...
    it was known as Streamlined Lightning. Sounds great.

    Think the message in the steering wheel had anything to do with the aformentioned aero?
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    I loaded that car onto the semi. It's sound is amazing. The crank mounted supercharger is about as big as the small block. We got a kick out of the DON'T PANIC.
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    I was doing some video for hd theater and shooting still for my own purposes, which is automotive gluttony. I love this event. It is unique on the east coast for its size and selection of cars.

    I love the contrast of the old and modern, thrown into the mix. Its especially cool to watch, smell and hear these cars drive about.
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    The most stunning car I've ever seen

    Like many folks here, I've seen many a car in my life. I like the sporty stuff, vintage Ferraris, modern day Spykers, old school race cars, but I've never seen a car like the North's 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith. It was an inherited project that was finished by the owners.

    It is simply spectacular.

    The amount of work and craftsmenship in this car is astounding. I don't know how long it took but it had to have been thousands of hours.

    It is truly one of a kind.


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    Yes, that one was amazing.

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