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Thread: Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti 1983

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    Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti 1983

    1983 Ferrari Meera S, one-off prototype by Michelotti. This Ferrari Speciale’ was built and named by the King of Arabia’s son, Prince Saoud in honor of his lady of the moment. Documented by Michelotti, the Meera has many unusual features including twin air conditioning, electric sunroof, unique instrument binnacle by Michelotti Technica, windscreen wipers on all four sides. An in-dash monitor takes the place of a traditional inside rear view mirror and it has a state of the art sound system built in from new. It also has a unique air exchange system built into the doors and exterior brake ducting. The Michelotti Meera Speciale’ is also featured in books. This is a true icon of the oppulent 80’s. This was the last Ferrari built by Michelotti.
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    Looks like an RX-7 to me, hardly opulent.
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    Because the one thing all cars need is windscreen wipers on their side windows....

    I'm curious about the Air Exchange though - how does that work?
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    Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti 1983

    1983 Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti

    RM Auctions Paris
    €90,000 - €110,000 EUR
    $105,000 - $125,000 USD
    £75,000 - £95,000 GBP
    United Arab Emirates | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    2 February 2022
    Chassis No.

    • One-off Ferrari commissioned for Saudi Arabian royalty in the 1980s
    • Based on a Ferrari 400i and adapted by the legendary car designer, Giovanni Michelotti—as the last Ferrari he ever worked on
    • An experiment in innovation for Ferrari with four-sided window wipers, twin-air conditioning and a monitor replacing the rear-view mirror
    • Subject to €252,100-worth of restoration work by Ferrari Classiche in 2010

    Please note this car is offered for sale from its current location in Dubai

    Even the most ardent of Ferrari enthusiasts might not recognize the Meera S. The car is unique in every sense of the word as a one-of-one special build made exclusively for Saudi Arabian royalty in the 1980s. With the underpinnings of a Ferrari 400i, the custom order process had the exclusive Meera S travel straight from the Maranello factory to Giovanni Michelotti, the famous Italian designer, who injected a new identity into the car.

    While its origins as a 400i are faintly recognizable thanks to its wedge shape, low-slung profile and pop-up headlights, the Meera S takes a design of its own with protruding body panels, open slatted bonnet grille, and the effect of wrap-around front and rear windscreen glass thanks to discreetly hidden roof pillars. Finished in Bianco Fuji over a red and cream leather interior, the Meera S is a symbol of opulent 1980s design. Technologically advanced for its age, the car features window wipers on all four sides, twin-air conditioning for front passengers, a camera-and-monitor to replace the rear-view mirror, and an electric sunroof. The Meera S was the last Ferrari ever designed by Michelotti.

    In November 2010, the Meera S received €252,100-worth of restoration work by Ferrari Classiche. The engine was rebuilt, the electrical system reconstructed, exhaust system replaced, among other recommissioning work. The opportunity to own this ultra-rare Ferrari simply cannot be missed.

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    Meera S #2

    At first glance it looks a bit like a early RX7 with the glass canopy.

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