With the very extreme Focus RS, Ford produced one of the fastest hot hatches of recent years. It is the final version of the current model Focus still available and will be phased out later this year. Despite having been produced for less than two years well over 11,000 examples will have been built by then. To celebrate the success an even hotter version has been announced. Evocatively dubbed the RS500, the satin black hatch packs a 350 bhp punch. Amazingly, all that power is only transferred to the tarmac through the front wheels. The iconic name is a reference to the limited production run of 500 examples.
For decades the Cosworth badge was found exclusively on Ford products but times have changed. The high performance specialists have now worked their magic on the Subaru Impreza STI. Known as the Impreza CS400, Cosworth Subaru is limited to just 75 cars. The flat-4 engine has been reworked to produce a staggering 395 bhp (hence the name). The single teaser image released a few weeks ago has now been complemented by more informations and unfortunately three additional teaser images. We will of course let you know when complete images are available.
After frequent updates, Hennessey have now officially revealed the Venom GT supercar. The Lotus Elise based machine features a Corvette ZR1 sourced engine and a bespoke carbon fibre body. The 'base' model uses a 725 bhp version of the supercharged V8. Twin turbo systems are optional and literally boost the power to a staggering 1000 or 1200 bhp. With a kerb-weight of under 1100kg, all three engine configurations will provide neck-snapping performance. Only 10 examples are scheduled to be built and four have already been sold.
Two weeks ago we already announced Lexus' plans to return to the Nurburgring 24 Hours race with a competition version of the high performance LFA. To mark that occasion, Toyota's luxury arm will build a limited number of road cars with the 'Nurburgring' package. This includes aero tweaks on the nose, a sizeable rear wing and a slightly more powerful version of the V10 engine. Only 50 examples will be available, which are part of the 500-car production run.

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