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Thread: Unidentified Lancia special

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    Unidentified Lancia special

    I'm hoping you might be able to assist me in identifying a little Lancia powered special. It is a short wheel base, rear wheel drive, two seat, open car. Powered by 1.1L, 1.3L and a multi carb 1.5L Aprilia engine. Aprilia drive train with the generator driven off the rear brake drum. All aluminum body and under tray, not painted. Right hand drive with an early Porsche/VW style steering wheel. Veglia instruments. A short flip down door on the drivers side and a small boxed foot step hole in each side. Tube frame and all mechanisms such as hand brake and foot brakes are highly lightened by drilling holes. Spare tire mount in trunk and ball type, over center, jacking points front and rear. Supposedly two built, and one crashed and burned at a 1955 race in Berlin. Purchased in Germany in the late 50's and brought to the US.

    I believe the Lancia Aprilia engine was manufactured in the three displacements, so they should readily interchange for the different race classes. As you can see from the attached photo, there is a hood bubble, assumably to clear the two carburators on the 1.5L version.
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    I remember you already posted the photos somewhere. It's hard to say what car is, when the single element from an Aprilia is the engine.
    It seems to me shorter than a 439 chassis, do you know something more?
    I think this is an hand-made car, many workshops built 1/2 sport cars to join in a race during the '50s in Italy.

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