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Thread: Make wars

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolieman1220 View Post
    Diamler-Nissan is the way to go!
    Indeed. Renaults are quite good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTSmash View Post
    I made a drawn out comment on a different motorsport forum the other day about why these "vs" debates (ie: Porsche vs Ferrari) are useless and juvenile; about how they accomplish very little in the way of having a proper debate because they turn to senseless and vile comments spat back and forth about the opposing parties on on baseless arguements.

    Needless to say that community wasn't all to accepting of my analysis.
    Exactly my thoughts. The problem is that most people that are involved in such "wars" are complete maniacs that won't accept a proper argument.
    BTW, i have seen many vids about the fan blocks at the the aussie V8 supercar series. Looked scary. Like the hools at a game of HSV Hamburg vs FC Bayern München.
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    Generally they're much better behaved than that.

    Heaven forbid you get caught in the wrong colour in the wrong crowd though

    In all seriousness, they'll kill you.
    <cough> </cough>

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    Did Packard and Duesenberg ever compete?

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    All FWD vs. All RWD is one I come across a surprising amount.
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    I enjoy these. They are so blatant, I'm surprised BMW hasn't decided to sue Audi or something.

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    ^ It's nto a lie and it's not defamatory, so nothing to sue over.

    Just hope that the BMW marketing bods have the balls to go head to head and produce one putting one over on Audi
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