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Thread: Track Days

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    Track Days

    Is there open track days in the USA? Where one can take there own car to play.

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    No. Nowhere in the entire United States is it even legal to floor the gas of any four wheel automobile, for fear of people perhaps enjoying their vehicle, a concept considered taboo in that country.

    Non-smartass answer: Yes. I don't know where in Florida you are, but a google map search for "Florida race track" gives more results than you want to deal with probably. I'd suggest doing a similar (and maybe more location-specific search) and finding a few that look good, and if their websites don't say, they probably have a number to call.
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    there are some a roebling road in north florida. regular ones at PBIR, occasional ones at Sebring, and i think homestead has them too. check your local scca site or the track sites themselves and you can get in contact with the groups that run them.
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