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Thread: Photoshop request - will pay

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    Photoshop request - will pay

    New here.......just bought a wrecked '92 BMW 325is and am fixing it up proper....have some pics of paint and graphic schemes and some body mods that I want to have photoshopped. I understand that this is time consuming and requires talent and skill am am willing to pay. Please PM me if you can help me. Much thanks.

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    Photoshop request reply

    premoto505; If you havn't had any replies you are comfortable with I would like to see your ideas and am sending you a jpg example of one of my photoshop automotive illustrations. Other then the inside of the windshield, the "headlights", and the grills it is entirely my work. I also created the logo for the firm this was commishioned by. I'm pretty sure I can help you out. It would be best if you sent your reply to Donald Hall at this email address Ok talk to you soon
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