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Thread: Mazda BT-50

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    Mazda BT-50

    Mazda BT-50 #1
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    I think the interior looks great, but MAN, that is one horribly ugly car from the front and back. Headlights/ tailights look awful IMO. Looks as though they tried to take sedan styling cues and lazily stretch them onto the front of a truck, which makes it look wimpy and lame.

    Profile shot is fine though
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    I have to agree. That looks fairly terrible. Just because a design works (semi) decently for cars doesn't mean its going to carry on to trucks.
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    I think only the Australians can make a decent looking pick up. But then they can't go offroad, so I've come to the conclusion that no pick ups can possible look good XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roentgen View Post
    I think only the Australians can make a decent looking pick up.
    We developed it, but someone else designed it.
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