Those who've been around will know I'm into rallying and have navigated since the tender age of 15.

A few have shown interest in learning and taking part in rallying and dI"ve been PM'ed by a few ( some VERY insistent ) asking on how to get started.

In this sub-thread we'll cover the basics of navigating as it can be started many years before you are old enough to drive and compete behind the wheel. So as a start into motorsport, it's a great entry.

The next few threads will cover the basics of navigating and a Q&A thread and then I'll be setting navigational challenges for you to test the skills learned.

All I ask is that if anyone ever DOES become a WRC nav then remmeber me and get me some freebie parc-ferme passes for NZ and Monte

Hopefully it'll be interesting and in the way of things on the 'net, if not, it will quickly dies out