You may often come across a few of these on a club rally and on stage rallies all the routes from stage end to next stage start are gerneally RELAXED SECTIONS>

These have lower average speeds and they shuold NOT pose a navigational challenge or entail any complexity.

Their main purpose is to get you and your driver to the next competitive stage.

Relaxed sections will usually be used to bypass hospitals, villages or towns where police have restricted permission for the competition or sometimes just to give you a rest , a chance to 'catch up' and get the petrol you may be needing.

Stage 3 in our first 'event' is to give you that experience also.
Still want you to plot it though as you will want to ensure you arrive at the next TC from the correct direction

WARNING ! Relaxed sections will almost certainly have DSO and possibly police watching out for you. So don't get DQed !!