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Thread: 800 hp Mustang Cobra Blows up on Dyno

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    800 hp Mustang Cobra Blows up on Dyno

    I found this via Top Gear's twitter page, but I thought it was funny enough to share here. Apparently this Mustang has been tuned to make 800hp, however, when the dyno begins its run, the engine abruptly blows up with a small amount of flames and loads of smoke.

    I'm not very mechanically inclined so perhaps someone can enlighten us on perhaps what exactly happened? I don't know if it could be from over-stressing the engine with the extra tuning, but I would have to think that played a role.

    Here is a link to the article. I couldn't get the video to embed, sorry.

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    A stock GT500 shortblock will only be good up to around 740-760rwhp. That one was, as stated, pushing around 800. Number 4 rod bolt broke, and rods 4 and 8 punctured the block.
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    After you watch the vid about the Mustang, watch Top Gear's 20 fav. youtube videos, they're hilarious especially the one on page 21

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