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Thread: Ferraris by Zagato over the years ...

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    Ferraris by Zagato over the years ...

    Two of Italy's great brands Ferrari and Zagato have only collaborated on surprisingly few occasions, and usually only following the specific request of a client. Others have been all out show cars like the Ferrari FZ93, launched at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show. This Formula 1 inspired, Ferrari Testarossa based one-off was built to celebrate the return of designer Ercole Spada to the Zagato ranks. Rushed to meet the Geneva deadline, it was later refined by Spada. The styling remained controversial but also hugely influential as many other supercars later adopted the 'F1 nose' pioneered on the FZ93. In July of 2010, we were fortunate to shoot the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with this 12-shot gallery as a result. Apparently it was offered by a German dealer for a staggering 1 million Euro soon after.
    Among the very few competition Ferraris clothed by Zagato were five 250 GTs built between 1956 and 1959. These were not only exceptionally beautiful but also proved hugely successful on the race track. In 1957 Camillo Luglio became Italian GT champion in one, beating the 'standard' Scaglietti bodied Ferraris. Fifty years later the first of the five cars also served as the inspiration for the 575 GTZ of which six were eventually produced. Over the years we captured two Zagato bodied 250 GTs; the first one and Luglio's championship winning example. They can be admired in this updated 24-shot gallery.
    The most recent Ferrari that went through Zagato's hands is this open 550 Barchetta Zagato. It shares its basic design with the aforementioned fixed-head 575 GTZ but uses the stiffer 550 Barchetta chassis. Relatively little is known about the Barchetta Zagato but it is believed only three were built.

    Enjoy the links:

    2008 - 2010 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Zagato - Images, Specifications and Information

    1993 Ferrari FZ93 - Images, Specifications and Information

    1956 - 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Zagato Coupe - Images, Specifications and Information
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    when FZ93 was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it had clocked just under 800 kms.
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    Wow! Those Zagato 250GTs are sensational.Just a great combination; Zagato produced, in the 50s and 60s some of the most exciting bodywork: the little Fiat-Abarths, the Maserati A6G54, the Alfa GTZ, and, of course, some Astons. And, the 250GT, in any of its iterations, is my all-time classic Ferrari.(I can't afford any of this stuff! Boo-hoo)

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