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Thread: Geneva 2011: New car round-up with Ferrari FF and Audi A3 Concept ...

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    Geneva 2011: New car round-up with Ferrari FF and Audi A3 Concept ...

    Rounding off our coverage of the 81st Geneva Motor Show, we today take a look at ten more cars revealed at the Swiss event.
    One of the most evocative debuts was the Ferrari FF. It broke new ground both from an engineering and design perspective; the FF is the first all-wheel drive Ferrari and also sports a shooting-brake design. The drivetrain is particularly interesting as it uses a conventional transaxle, driven from the rear of the engine and a separate electronic clutch mounted on the front of the engine to power the front wheels on demand. Thanks to its unique design, the FF is also one of the most practical Ferraris ever built.
    Audi provided a preview of a further expansion of the line-up with the A3 Concept. Based on the current RS3, this 408 bhp machine features a 'notchback' rear end. Subaru and Toyota looked ahead to the rear-wheel drive sports car the two companies are developing together. The Subaru BOXER Sports Car Architecture Concept focused on the mechanical merits whereas Toyota FT-86 II Concept focused on the exterior design.
    Recently revived Italian design-house Touring Superleggera debuted the Gumpert Tornante. Sharing many components with the Apollo, the new Grand Tourer features a much more elegant design. Compatriots Italdesign / Giugiaro celebrated their absorption into the Volkswagen Group with the very stylish Go and Tex concepts. If this is a look ahead at a future production-car design language, VW fans have something to look forward to.

    Enjoy the links:

    2011 Audi A3 Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Ferrari FF - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Gumpert Tornante by Touring - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Rolls-Royce 102EX Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Smart Forspeed Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Subaru BOXER Sports Car Architecture Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Suzuki Swift S-Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Toyota FT-86 II Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Volkswagen TEX Concept - Images, Specifications and Information

    2011 Volkswagen Go Concept - Images, Specifications and Information
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    Apparently the FT-86's current styling was a result of focus groups messing everything up. I hope the Subiota looks better than the Toyobaru, but seeing as Subaru has been stylistically challenged for a while now, my hopes aren't high.
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    This is one of those cars that it doesn't matter much how it looks.
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    I am a fan of Toyota making a new sportscar, I'm not a fan of that styling though. It looks like they took a normal economy car and tacked on some "agressive" parts that don't even match each other let alone the lines of the car.
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    Starting to like that FF more and more...
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    Ferrari's brand new flagship supercar will be showcased soon. The F 620 GT, will make its world debut in March at the auto show in Geneva, Switzerland. The sports car is the next-generation heir to the high-end 599 GBT Fiorano. Printed by Auto Bild magazine, the pictures of the new model show a front end design that borrows heavily from the Ferrari FF. I read this here:

    EDIT: orirginal sources ....
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    Nothing really exciting here; I kind of like the FF, and the FT86 is neither bad nor terribly stirring, but aren't we waaaaaaaaaaay past the time when Altezza-style lights look cool? The A3 is nice but very much an evolution not a revolution, and...and a sedan?!? Really? I want to see a hatch!
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    I'm growing on the Ferari FF. Maybe if somone lets me drive one i may give it a good review. Please can i drive one, please.
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