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Thread: DAF 555 Group 6 1969-1970

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    yesterday I was discussing the future of sportscar racing where hybrid and electric designs are now making an inroad. We suggested that for the purpose of pleasing the public each car should be fitted with a loudspeaker and a computer programme that emulates the sound of screaming engines...(the diesel powered cars would benefit too from that according to some..)
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    Or maybe forget about all this hybrid-electric-efficency-green-ecology sillyness.

    Oh wait, these everything has to be politically correct.
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    ^^ yep which meands the "sound pollution" meanies will prevent anything outside
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
    Funny you say that. but that's exactly what modern designers did with their CVT
    In theory when you accelerate a CVT the engine shoudl immediately rev to it's highest torque output and then the CVT varies as the car accelerates always keeping the engine revs the same.
    Turns out folks didn't like it and didn't think the car accelerated as quickly.
    Of course it did, in fact better.
    BUT they then added "shift points", so the cvt would let the engine operate in a rev band and "hold" the continuous variation so that it would then introduce step changes.
    Thus making it "feel" like a traditional engine and gearbox.
    The stupid point is that then meant most of the advantage of a cvt disappeared !

    My solution woudl have been to jave given the custoemr the option of either turnign the radio up loud or having engine and gear change SOUNDS to keep them happy
    I thought that's how CVTs were supposed to work, and I have read about how they have added the so called "shift points" which leads to the question of whether a CVT is more or less expensive than a traditional automatic?

    After some (a little) research it seems CVTs are about the same cost as traditional automatics, so I can see why manufacturers offer both. I feel like they should make the CVTs without the "shift points" but I guess that would negate any benefit because people would complain about no shifting, even if there was the option to get a regular automatic.

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    It had a 1300cc Renault engine with 125bhp. It weighted 760kg. Apparently three units were built, registered 70-76-MF, 70-77-MF and 70-78-MF.

    I'm sure our dutch members will be able to extract more information from the source: DAF 555
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    Lack of charisma can be fatal.
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