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Thread: Ruf ctr3

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    Ruf ctr3

    Just catched a RUF CTR3 in Stuttgart germany.

    > klick to watch the video > RUF CTR3

    What do you think about that GREEN-MONSTER?

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    Near the middle of the middle of middle England.
    Haven't seen much of it, just an review in EVO Magazine a couple of years ago and a few appearances at the Festival Of Speed. From what I know it's meant to be a very good car though.
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    are these seriously available for sale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
    are these seriously available for sale?
    I know for a fact (pics all over the internet) a red unit was sold and registered in Chile.
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    Yes you can buy them:


    But the car is expensive!

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    That thing is said to run 240+mph and to be quite capable on the track, so I'd say it's possibly worth the price .
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    it is!!!

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    I remember when Road and Track did a review of that car. It's probably a pretty crazy animal, I bet!

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    RUF sold about 9 cars so far and presented in Geneva 2011 the Lightweight version of it (which nearly nobody mentioned as it looks the same).
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