Hi from Spain!!!

I'm J.Flores, I'm 17 and I collect brochures since I was a child.

I think I can't open a new thread cos I'm new here, so firstly I'll tell you some of the brcohures I have and I'm gonna try to post some photos. I collect only brochures of the cars I like, my collection is made of around 800 brochures.

The oldest brochure I have is about the Audi 100 from 1980, and my favourites are the BMW e36's ones, I have about 15 of them.

I have luxury brochures too:
-All the Rolls-Royce since 2006
-All the Maseratis since 2005
-Nissan GT-R
-Ferrari 612, 599 and 430
- Lambo Murc LP-640 (the prestige one, with 110 pages!!!!)
- Maybach 62S and COupe...
- All the BMW M3 since 1988

Some photos there: