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Thread: Europe driving and col bashing :)

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    Europe driving and col bashing :)

    hee hee hee ...

    Well it's raining in Scotland and daughter is working in sunny Italy and missing me

    What to do ????

    So, off tonight on ferry to Amsterdam ( no time to drop in to chez Melisson ) quick blast to the Italian alps for a bit of col bashing
    Rome for couple of days and then Turin ( See P4/5 ), Monaco and more alpine road fun then to the 'Ring for the F1 preparations. Sadly home before the race, but better watched on telly anyway these days !!

    Running a VERY flexible plan after Monday, so watch out ... might appear on your doorstep

    and WHY has the coolant level guage chosen THIS time to go faulty again No time for repair, so gonna have to keep checking to make sure it's only faulty warnings Damn Mazda QC
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    sounds like fun, take the secondary cols, the main ones will be crowded.
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    Enjoy the continent!

    Thar be daemons!

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