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Thread: 1:18 supercar collection

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    Excellent collection you got there. Mine is similar though I do have a few Duesenbergs, Rolls-Royces and muscle cars.

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    Nice collection of 1/18 die cast models, some of them I also own, feel free to take a look at part of my collection on LamboDIECAST, as you can imagine I only collect Lamborghini models ... some of their scale models cost as much as a decent real car unfortunately.

    As for dust, I went for Ikea Besta shelves with the glass/alu doors, not perfectly sealed by good enough (I did add some extra rubber around the cabinets) ... one thing : do not put lights inside the cabinet, especially if they aren't LED ... the heat will ruin your models in the long run, I have my lights outside the cabinets and this works great.

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    Some of my favorite models in my tribute to one of my favorite games of all time, Need for Speed II:


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    Amazing collection!!! And it's fantastic to see all the car model. Nice video.

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