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Thread: Favorite motorsports

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    SCCA amateur racing because I was a track rat (kid of a racer) back in the day . Really though I think many car people would love the old amateur racing days because there were so many different types of cars to look at. You had Formula Vee, F Ford, Super Vee, Sports 2000, GT1-5, SS1-5 etc. I loved being in the paddock and seeing all the different classes (I also loved the smells of the track).

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    I like GT AND sportscar racing. Especially the Super GT series fom japan, ALMS. LMS and the grand am series. btcc is also cool because the civics are quite competative in that series
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    80's and 90's DTM. Also 90's F1.

    Goddammit, I miss the 20th century racing.
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    I am also a big F1 fan myself, but the 24 Hours is really incredible. Its not only a race, but a test of mental perseverance at the same time. Truly an awesome event!

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