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Thread: Gordon Murray Joins Group Lotus

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    Gordon Murray Joins Group Lotus

    I wonder if this will be his outlet for his range of city cars.

    Quote Originally Posted by Group Lotus
    Group Lotus add design legend to the Lotus Advisory Council

    Group Lotus is delighted to announce the appointment of Gordon Murray to the Lotus Advisory Council. Murray will work alongside automotive industry icons Bob Lutz, Tom Purves, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel and Frank Tuch to advise Group Lotus on current and future development.

    The purpose of the Lotus Advisory Council is to give advice and guidance on strategic issues such as product strategy, technology, quality, brand, marketing and distribution for Group Lotus.

    It’s a little known fact that when Gordon began his motorsport career in 1969 he actually wanted to work for Lotus but a chance meeting with Brabham designer Ron Tauranac lead to him working for Brabham where he was later appointed Chief Designer by team boss Bernie Ecclestone.

    During his time in F1, Gordon was responsible for designing many Grand Prix winning cars and was heralded by many as leading the way in terms of innovation and pioneering new technologies.

    More recently Gordon established Gordon Murray Design to develop an innovative and disruptive automotive manufacturing technology trademarked iStream®. The design and prototyping of their T.25 Petrol and T.27 Electric Ultra Compact City Cars has been central to both the development and validation of this process.

    Commenting on the appointment Group Lotus Chief Executive Dany Bahar said: “Gordon has never been afraid to trail blaze, take risks and do things differently, these are attribute that we are very familiar with and very proud of at Lotus. With his incredible and unique motorsport and design experience he will complement the existing council line up perfectly. We’re very much looking forward to working with him."

    Gordon Murray said: “For years I’ve been a huge admirer of Lotus, I have great respect for the legacy that Colin Chapman created and I think what Dany and the team are doing is a really good thing for the brand. He’s taking the strength from Chapman’s principals and taking the business to the next level whilst still keeping the general ethos – not an easy task! I’m really looking forward to contributing to Group Lotus during this exciting time.”
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    Hopefully this puts some oversight to Dany Bahar's fattening direction for future Lotus car....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wouter Melissen View Post
    I wonder if this will be his outlet for his range of city cars.
    I would rather see Lotus building and selling his nice city car than that bunch ugly characterless cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McReis View Post
    I would rather see Lotus building and selling his nice city car than that bunch ugly characterless cars.
    That and a Lotus 'Smart Roadster'.

    But i think he'll probably work on Lotus engineering projects outside car production.
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