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Thread: Two of the first IMSA GTP racers from Lola and March ...

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    Two of the first IMSA GTP racers from Lola and March ...

    Thirty years ago this year, American sports car racing was drastically reshuffled with the arrival of the IMSA GTP class. Designed for purpose-built racing cars, this class finally managed to break the stronghold of the numerous versions of the 'production based' Porsche 935s. The first manufacturer to jump on the GTP bandwagon was Lola, who, under strong encouragement from racer Brian Redman, produced the all-new T600. The sophisticated machine used an aluminium honeycomb monocoque and employed underbody venturis to generate downforce through 'ground effect'. Redman immediately vindicated his enthusiasm for the new class by taking a debut victory with a Chevrolet powered T600 at Laguna Seca. He would go on to dominate the IMSA series in the new Lola and was crowned champion at the end of the year. Meanwhile in Europe a Cosworth engined example won two World Championship rounds. At the recent Monterey Motorsports Reunion, we caught up with one of these successful racers, T600 HU06, which was raced by Danny Ongais' Interscope team in 1982. Still wearing the familiar colours and '0' start number, it was raced at Laguna Seca almost exactly thirty years after Redman's victorious debut.
    One of Lola's longtime rivals, March, joined the fray a year later with the 82G. Like the Lola, the new March had benefited from the input of Dr Max Sardou, who was one of the 'ground effect' pioneers. The new March proved slightly quicker and eventually replaced the T600 as the dominant force in the IMSA GTP class. Although only four 82Gs were built, it spawned a whole series of machines that were raced with notable results for many years to come. Also in Monterey was the very first 82G, which scored pole positions at both the Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 12 Hours. It was presented by only its second owner at The Quail and during the McCall Motorworks Revival. A regular in the GTP race during the Motorsports Reunion at the track, is the fourth and final 82G built. Like the original T600, both theses 82Gs are powered by Chevrolet's venerable small-block V8.

    Enjoy the links:

    1981 - 1983 Lola T600 Chevrolet - Images, Specifications and Information

    1982 March 82G Chevrolet - Images, Specifications and Information

    1981 - 1983 Lola T600 Cosworth - Images, Specifications and Information
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    March 82G

    I use this one currently as my background...
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