Don't forget to vote in last week's competition. At the end of the month a run-off will be organised of the week winners with a complimentary premium subscription up for grasps!

The Rules

Entry due Monday November 6th at 8 am GMT. Voting will run from Monday through Friday.

The photograph can contain any automotive image (containing no adulterous material)
The proposed picture must be your own and not found on the net.
The photograph must be attached using the UCP system. Any picture not attached using the UCP system will not be in the voting thread.
Your image may be up to 800 pixels wide or tall.
Photograph may contain post-processing editing
It is preferred that you state enhancements made, but not necessary.
The photograph must be taken no earlier than one year before start date
Each photographer cannot vote for himself, they must vote for the others.
Any users who enter and vote for themselves automatically receive a 2 week penalty from the competition and all votes previously given to his/her photo are removed.
The entry must contain the following information in the same order :

User name
Subject matter/photo title
Date taken