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Thread: Gta v

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    Gta v

    Rockstar formally announced GTA V a few weeks ago, and the other day they released the first trailor

    Rockstar Games

    The biggest giveaway there is the Vinewood sign, which means at the absolute least this is set in Hollywood but it would obviously be at least Los Angeles/Los Santos. Quite possibly including some surrounding countryside as well.

    I think the game looks good, i think it should be able to top GTA4 which IMO went a bit too gritty compared to some of the madness of Vice City and San Andreas.

    I was initially hoping they would revisit Miami/Vice City as opposed to going back to California, i wouldve loved to see a map with a large ocean element with all of the islands, bridges, canals, beaches etc for Miami as well as more mainland sections. I think there was a concern though they couldnt go back there without still keeping it set in the 80's, which seemed to be as important as the geography in the setting for GTA:Vice City.
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    Los Santos is CONFRIMED. And some other things. I try to avoid hype this early in the piece though, so will probably just ignore this for a while.
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    The graphics look awesome in this, at least a lot better than previous GTAs

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    This looks pretty awesome, I love GTA games.
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    i like GTA games and its sound awesome

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    It's been anounced, but when will it be out.

    Stores around here are taking pre-orders?!? i don't get it.

    I asked and the release date is around November (2012).

    Is it really necessary to have a 1 year pre-order?

    Still i'll probably do a amazon pre-order WHEN the proper realease date is out.
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    There's no release date, they're just guessing. It'll be at least until late next year though.
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    i am very much addicted to GTA games and this GTA V is really rocking

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    Much awaited game has arrived..

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    Californian by nature, living in Teggsas.
    Would love to play it. Refuse to supersede my PS2 to do so.
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    GTA is my favorite game

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    Love to drive mafia vehicles.

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    i fanat this game

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    Yo. GTA 5 is incredible. A couple of weeks ago, I handed out this game at the Epic Games Store for free. I didn’t play before, because I was busy all the time. But what was my surprise when I found out that you can also notice a similar situation when writing the text for my blog? There were similar moments in the articles about signs of cyberbullying, as on some custom servers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franklin889 View Post
    Much awaited game has arrived..
    Even today this game is perceived as a gaming masterpiece along with World of Warcraft, CS GO, the Dark Souls series, etc.

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