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Thread: All new Donkervoort and first glimpse of Audi's 2012 LMP1 racer ...

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    All new Donkervoort and first glimpse of Audi's 2012 LMP1 racer ...

    Over the weekend, Dutch niche manufacturer Donkervoort launched the all-new D8 GTO. Still clearly inspired by the original Lotus 7, the latest Donkervoort is longer and wider than its predecessors. The GTO has not only grown in size but also features a revised tubular chassis that is constructed from a mix of carbon fibre, steel and aluminium. This has resulted in a structure that is still very light but also exceptionally strong. Audi is once again the engine supplier of choice with the direct injection straight five also used in the RS 3 finding its way into the R8 GTO. Available in various states of tune, it produces between 340 and 400 bhp. Tipping the scales at around 700 kg, the new Donkervoort is expected to accelerate to 100 km/h in just three seconds. In 2012, Donkervoort will produce 25 special D8 GTOs, which will be followed by a 'regular' production version in 2013. Prices of the lightning quick machine start at EUR 100,000 before taxes.
    Readying for the inaugural World Endurance Championship (WEC), Audi Sport is out testing at Sebring with two cars. The host of the season opening 12-hour race, the American track is also a very suitable location for testing due to the rough surface and great variety of corners. The German manufacturer released a single picture from the test with a sketchy press release but we understand that at least one of the cars used is equipped with a hybrid drivetrain and will be known as the R18H. Further changes compared to this year's Le Mans winning R18 TDI include a larger glass surface to improve driver visibility. We will of course keep you posted on further developments of what promises to be one of the most sophisticated racing cars ever produced.

    Enjoy the links:

    2012 Audi R18H - Images, Specifications and Information

    2012 Donkervoort D8 GTO - Images, Specifications and Information
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    To be honest i don't really like the Donkervoort, Audi looks nice though.
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