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Thread: Finished* Jordan 199

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    Finished* Jordan 199

    This is a 1/20 resin kit from an old Japanese 'garage' company called Modeler's. The body is a solid block of resin and all the suspension and wing parts are white metal.

    Kits such as this are quite good but they are not precision like building a Tamiya you do a 'dry' build first to fit all the suspension for ride height etc. before you begin painting etc.

    These are my first pics with my new photo tent and have not figured out how to show more reflection on the model surface. The clear coat is glass smooth but it isn't showing much here.
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    Wow, nicely done!

    Are you using a digital SLR?

    To show more reflections, I heard you could use a circular polarizer. Haven't used one myself, but I'm eventually planning to buy one.

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    As with every other of your models, excellent job Dino!

    Good to see you're still building after all these years
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    Wow Amazing!!! Simply Superb...

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    Thanks all!

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    Great looking kit , I agree with you on some of the kits have to be fitted before assembly.

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