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    Audi RS4 concept 2015 | Glacius

    HI Dudes, long time none seen, been ages, thougth I would share my last render, its been over 1 ,5 years since last time I did one, so please dont be to rough on me =)

    "copied this from another thread "

    Here is my latest Chop/ render/ concept I have done, let me know your thought sorry about the amount of text ^^

    So, the time is here, my first render after my 1 and a half year break.

    I want to first thank my amazing girlfriend for supporting me and letting me stay up late and work on this .Thank you love <3

    Also thanks to every single wip watcher that has helped me without you this could not have been done.

    I have been very stressed about this, if its good enough will it be to the level of the new " elite" and so on, but I cant work on it anymore, It is no more time, I promised my gf that by late wednesday it would be done, and that day is now.

    I basically wanted to vision a new design for the RS4 in 2015, and show what I believe it could look like, who knows, i might be all off the chart here but it is what I try do to, I know realism is not "top" here but I really do not use any reference on any of my renders, as it takes to much time for me, and it ruins my workflow.

    I also have to mention that the PSD ended up at a staggering, 1,7 GB with over 670 layers, )= i need to learn to merge stuff lol.

    Also I made 3 PSDs just for this render, and I also plan to make a Sport version later this month

    I also added loads of details this time, like working sensors, and window washers , and windows heating .

    As always i usually brush everything from scratch it what I do best and here its the same, the wheels and interior is the only thing i copypasted here.
    Background is made up from 7 different ones, and the lizzard is half brushed. ( I love him )

    So without further delay, here is my entry for all star comp " late lol " , and my new RS4 Concept

    Stock image

    My interpetation of the new RS4 concept
    Black Roof

    White Roof edition

    Super HIGH BLACK ROOF res for those who wants that


    and ZOOM bits, for those great details.

    Thank you all for watching.

    Thanks for Gurnade for getting me the wheels, and special thanks to " ADV1 / RS Quattro wheels "

    ***All trademarks used on these images are the property of their respective owners.
    It is just a fanart ***
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