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Thread: Striking Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona headed for Monaco auction ...

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    Striking Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona headed for Monaco auction ...

    One of the absolute stars of the upcoming RM Auctions Monaco sale, will be a lovely Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona. This was the short tail coupe variant used in the 1968 season, which was nicknamed 'Daytona' following its debut on the legendary American track. The car on offer was one of the Autodelta works cars and was driven to victory in the 1968 Imola 500 km by Teodoro Zeccoli and Nino Vaccarella. In privateer hands, chassis '029' was raced for several more seasons. It was subsequently owned for many years by an American collector and more recently it has been in Dutch hands. We captured the car at several outings during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Also featured in our 18-shot gallery is chassis '012', which is currently owned by the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico and was raced in period by Team VDS at Le Mans and other rounds during the 1968 season.
    During the 1968 season, Alfa Romeo also experimented with a 2.5 litre version of the V8 engine. The very first of these 315 bhp units was installed in this 33/2 Daytona chassis '015'. It was raced in period by the works team and Team VDS as well as by a Portuguese amateur in Angola. Many years later the car was retrieved from Africa and eventually the car was fully restored to its 1968 configuration. Sporting its Targa Florio colours and numbers, we saw the car in action during two editions of the Monterey Histsorics as well as the Le Mans Classic, with this 18-shot gallery as the sparkling result.

    Enjoy the links:

    1968 - 1969 Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona - Images, Specifications and Information

    1968 Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona 2.5 Litre - Images, Specifications and Information
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    Alfa 33

    Like all vintage race cars this Alfa is a marvelous machine. I took these two photographs at least twenty years ago at Pebble Beach. Thought you might find them interesting. Thanks so much for the article, Wouter. As usual, very informative.


    Alfa Can Am 001.jpg

    Alfa Can Am.jpg

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