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Thread: It's so beautiful, but it's going to break...

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    It's so beautiful, but it's going to break...

    Looking at this second hand 1995 BMW 740i.

    It's gorgeous, but I know these old BMW's cost a fortune to service and replace parts for.

    I really want one though

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    if you can not get some kind of deal on old bmw parts do not go for it

    i recently saw a AUDI S2 2dr for less than 8000 CAD$. it was exciting until i found out 90% of the parts were not interchangeable with the hatch and there are no audi dealerships in Canada that service this car.

    [/feels your pain]

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    I sad a 750 for between 10 and 12 grand. I can 't think of a cheaper way to own a V12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
    I sad a 750 for between 10 and 12 grand. I can 't think of a cheaper way to own a V12.
    .. until it breaks. I hear the old V12s are a weak point, but otherwise old BMWs aren't that bad if they've been taken care of. If you find a good garage they'll keep em going for not too much cashola.
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    Wow!!! That's really amazing car...

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    Not to mention your fuel bill. Thats a V8 isnt it?
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    Wish I saw this thread a few minutes ago. I'm really looking into an NSX but I'm nervous about future costs.

    FWIW, a friend of mine owned a same gen 7 series but sold it off within 6 months. He said maintenance costs weren't worth it.
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    It is very pretty- in the parking lot in my school there's a forest green one, I end up gawking at it the whole time.

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    The V12 isn't the problem... the electronic bits are. These things are loaded with transitional tech gizmos, a mix of modern sensors and old-school servos and switches. True story: battery goes bad in a friend's 750iL so he does what anyone would do: pulls it out and replaces it. Apparently it's strictly a dealer R&R, as a systems reset is required. Toasted his door lock system, costing $125 per door plus 8 shop hours: $1200. That was when the car wasn't even 10 years old.
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    ^ thats rediculous

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    It is very awesome car and really amazing car.

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    Nice post and nice images.

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