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Thread: Favourite Photographer

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    Favourite Photographer

    Let us be honest, we all read car magazines, we can probably name at least 3 of our favourite car journalists (probably many more). But when you sit down to read your favourite monthly do you ever wonder which genious took that picture?

    I'm putting in a word for my favourite car photographer Stan Papior, a man that focuses as much on the drama of the surroundings as the car itself.

    Who is yours and why?

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    EVO always has nice angles. I would really love to get my hands on test vehicles to line them up the way I want to. Now I'm forced to with whatever angle is available with the cars parked.
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    wouter .. i just wonder .. what kind of camera do you use Digital or classic optical .. with film ..
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    I use a Sony F717 and a Minolta Dimage 7. The Sony is an incredible camera, especially for action shots.

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