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Thread: Opel-Vauxhall ADAM 2013-

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    The A1 is considerably more expensive.
    I don't think the Adam is bad. But I'd rather have a 500 for styling sake and for money's sake I'll rather buy a Panda. More space and cheaper.

    Having said that. I wouldn't want trade in my Volvo 850R for something so small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimento View Post
    What about the A1?
    Completey forgot it.

    I guess my original post should be change to "the only non-retro (and non-german)...".

    Those germans, they can pull away with anything.
    Lack of charisma can be fatal.
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    I've seen a few DsS3 around here.. not enough to say they're a success, but they're not super rare. I hope they succeed in the long run.. I like encountering them.
    Life's too short to drive bad cars.

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    It's a good car, it drives well and it rides comfortably. But the detailing is chintzy.

    Which makes it the complete opposite of the Audi A1.

    Which is probably why it doesn't sell very well. That and not having the four rings in the grille.

    Here it seen, but not as much as the 500, Mini, A1 et al. And I read somewhere that except in France (where they will buy anything frence regardless of everything else) the sales figures are pretty dismal.

    By the way, the DS3 (and C3) have recently gained the new corporate 1200cc turchrged triple as an entry engine. Maybe this can spice sales up a bit...
    Lack of charisma can be fatal.
    Visca Catalunya!

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