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Thread: Mercedes-Benz 200 (W21) 1933-1937

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    Mercedes-Benz 200 (W21) 1933-1937

    AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of £20,000

    1934 Mercedes-Benz 200 W21 “Sonnenscheinlimousine”

    40 hp, 1,949 cc in-line four-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission with overdrive, hydraulic front and rear drum brakes, front axle with transversely mounted leaf springs, rear swing axle with coil springs. Wheelbase: 2,700 mm

    • Unusual “Sunshine Limousine” with retractable cloth roof open to all four seats
    • Known ownership history from 1948
    • Copies of TÜV Report, prior owner documentation and restoration invoices available for inspection upon request

    Derived from its predecessor, the 170, the Mercedes-Benz 200 or W21 was a very sophisticated small car. It was first shown at the Paris Auto Salon. With the luxury market largely gone thanks to the Depression, the 170 was designed and built as an advanced contender in the medium-size, medium-price market. Most impressive was the ride and handling. Introduced in 1931, the 170 was the first Mercedes-Benz to have independently sprung suspension. Technical chief Hans Nibel was an expert on springing and suspension and was interested in seeing that a car could operate with the maximum of comfort and stability as well as speed, regardless of the size of the vehicle.

    This particular car came from Czechoslovakia, where it was registered from 8 December, 1948 until 1981. The Czech papers are available for inspection upon request. It was then purchased by a Mr. Held of Darmstadt, who restored the car in total and drove it beginning in 1983. It has been in the current owner’s possession since 1992. Additional technical restoration was done by Classic Car Centre in Stuttgart and Motorentechnik Braun in 2009. The car has been checked by the German TÜV and granted full allowance to drive on the street. It sports the unusual and optional Sonnenschein (‘sunshine’ in German) soft top sunroof, providing open air access to all four occupants. Painted a lovely combination of red and black over grey seats, this unique example will make a wonderful addition to any collection. Most certainly eligible for all MBCA, MBClubUK or Mercedes-Benz club events the world over, it is a lesser known yet very usable example of Mercedes-Benz history.
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    This black/red W21 gives me a "postman pat" feeling
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duell View Post
    This black/red W21 gives me a "postman pat" feeling
    One does not simply say Postman Pat without saying "and his black and white cat."

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