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Thread: Barn find

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    Barn find

    Serial #5500001 190SL There still are some great barn finds out there. See more at The First 190SL - Home
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    That is very cool, Mark... do the owners have any idea how it ended up in Australia? Yes, there are still finds to be made, just takes sleuthing, patience and luck plus willing sellers. Sometimes that can be the biggest impediment.

    BTW, do you happen to know the history of the 190SL show cars? Several years ago I looked at a 190SL with unusual features that the seller claimed to be original, and that it was the Paris Salon car. I've never found images of the actual car used for that show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csl177 View Post
    Yes, there are still finds to be made(...)
    The rotting cars of today are the barn finds of tomorrow...
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    The car was a gift to the Ambassador to Germany in West Berlin from Britain .. It was sold from Britain to Australia. I will post the history on the website soon.

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