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Thread: Congratulations to Bruno Spengler, 2012 DTM Champion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
    Eh. I watched a round or two and was not that impressed. Bumpy, a bit gimmicky with the FWD vs RWD, and the cars didn't interest me. Maybe I will give it another shot.
    I'l give you that the cars aren't the most interesting in the world but, it has to be said, they are far more production-based than anything from DTM, V8 Supercars or Nascar.

    However, the racing more that makes up for it. It has some proper close, wheel to wheel racing and even if the Chevrolets reign supreme (which being the only proper works team they kind of have to...) the fight for other positions is usually very exciting and eventful.

    Only regret really is there should be more factory teams involved and that the races are a tad too short for my liking.
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    Eh, I like seeing GT cars. The ALMS' GT class has been stellar.

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