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Thread: Simca Ariane 1957-1963

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    Simca Ariane 1957-1963

    The Simca Ariane was a large saloon car launched in April 1957 by the French automaker Simca. It was manufactured in company's factory at Poissy until 1963.

    Fitting the body of the former first-generation Simca Vedette with a 1290cc Flash four cylinder engine from the much smaller Simca Aronde produced a car that focused on economy rather than speedy acceleration. Presented in April 1957, the Ariane filled the gap between Aronde and Vedette. In October of the same year, the Ariane 8 was presented - a version powered by the same Aquillon 2.4 L eight-cylinder unit that powered the Vedette. The Ariane 8 effectively replaced the former Simca Trianon, which was a bottom-of-the-range Vedette, as the Vedette range was moved upmarket. The Ariane 8 would be discontinued along with the company's other V8 powered models in 1961, however.

    For the 1959 model year the company introduced an Ariane Super Luxe with increased levels of chrome trim on the outside as well as vanity mirrors on the inside and a windscreen washer to help the view out. All the Arianes also received restyled tail light clusters at this point which resembled those already used on the more flamboyantly styled but broadly similar Vedette models. Further upgrades to the interior trim were implemented for 1961 along with yet another new name. For the final two years of its life the Ariane was branded as the Simca Miramas.

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