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Thread: Intermeccania Indra 1971-1974

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    Intermeccanica Indra

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    Intermeccania Indra 1971-1974

    The Indras were produced from approximately early 1971 to mid-1974 with 127 cars completed. Breakdown was approximately 60 convertibles, 40 coupes and 27 two plus twos.

    The engine power on most were either 327, 350 V-8 Chevy engines, or straight 6 Opel engines. There are currently six Indras in the United States, five two plus twos and one convertible. Most of the Indras were sold in Germany through Opel Dealers Network. The car was a partial joint venture between Intermeccanica and Opel.

    Indras have DeDion rear suspension and ZF recirculating ball power steering. They all had four wheel vented disc brakes.

    Source: Intermeccanica Enthusiasts Club - Find information on the Italia Roadster
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