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Thread: Legends of Le Mans

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    Nah....its more fun watching the French fail....
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    I always thought the Porsche GT1 Evo 98 was an interesting competitor. It was a funny looking (actually, I quite like the way it looks) car and won against the much faster competition... thanks to its reliability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
    :cough: it took a small team in England to make the GT40 a success
    They still had the big corporation's money, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
    They still had the big corporation's money, though.
    I meant it in the context of the Italian spend at the time
    Team size was the bigger restriction back then, no computers and regular wind tunnels consuming $Ms back then
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    Legendary Rivals

    In a similar vane, her is a blog I worked on about the legendary formula one rivals - it's a top ten list.

    I'm a newbie so if it's not quite right for the forum then just ignore this post, as I don't want to intrude on your community or irritate regular members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
    :cough: it took a small team in England to make the GT40 a success
    and success outside of La Sarthe I didn't even think was up for consideration as it's a Club L'Ouest anniversary and award
    and yes it's a bit of fun ... and there's no more fun than winding up a fan
    Actually it took a small group in California to make 'Ford' a success at first and the a very small privateer team in the UK to make the small block GT40 a success.
    And to be frank, I stopped enjoying LM around Y2K.
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    Nice use of the term Y2K. What caused your indifference?

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    Best British cars at Le Mans

    Article I saw on Reddit, misses out some notable winners, but a decent recap of British teams/cars/winners.

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