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Thread: Ferrari Enzo abuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
    By the way, it makes me wonder, wouldn't it be great to get continuous updates from the factory as your car ages and new technology gets developed? From what I heard the early manual automatic gearboxes were jerky in low speed maneuvering. I mean the Pagani Zonda weighs about the same as an Enzo but the Zonda still has air conditioning, leather and a stereo. It's also slightly newer, but not by much.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Ferrari developed a new DCT for the Enzo just for existing Enzo owners? That's be a nice gesture. I wouldn't expect it to be free though, but still it'd be able to keep the car "current". Perhaps the FXX and the 599 GTO are the only cars to be continuously developed, but rightly so.

    The only two other car makers that I can think of that do this are Pagani and McLaren.

    Just a thought.
    Well, I guess that's what new models are for.

    Also in some cases, updating would take away some of the character of the car, like replacing old cars carburettors with fuel injection or wire wheels with modern alloys.

    I say leave as it is, and develop new technologies for new cars.
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    I hate updates.

    Seems like I spend every other day updating my phone, my computer, my TV box and so on and so forth.

    Thank God I don't have to deal with constant updates for Bosch Motronic or ABS/ESP module, let alone gearbox.

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    gary, I think MAN handling is what Enzos deserve rather than the molly-coddling they too often get
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    I'm with CobraFan, it's hardly abuse, just splashing around muddy paved farm roads. Not good for the car, but scratching up the paint with loose gravel and the undercarriage is hardly hardcore abuse.

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    Over all a nice video it was. But seriously missed some action there.

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