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Thread: Brutal Bugatti, new Porsche 911 racer, super frugal Volkswagen XL1 and much more ...

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    Brutal Bugatti, new Porsche 911 racer, super frugal Volkswagen XL1 and much more ...

    Created in 1939, this Bugatti Type 59/50B is one of the very last and certainly the most potent racing car produced with Ettore Bugatti still at the helm. Underneath its curvaceous panels, it is very much a vintage Bugatti design complete with solid axles and cable operated drum brakes. It is also equipped with a massive 4.7 litre supercharged engine, which produces in excess of 400 bhp. Raced with considerable success right before and after the War, the unique Type 59/50B I is today on permanent display in the former Schlumpf Collection museum in Mulhouse.
    During a private test at Sebring, the long awaited Porsche 911 RSR finally broke cover. Although no specifics about the car have been released just yet, we do know the GTE racer will be campaigned by a Porsche factory time in the FIA WEC. Another new racing car that debuted this week is the Williams FW35 Renault. The last 2013 F1 car launched, it hit the ground running and proved quick straight out of the box. When staging a return to sports car racing over a decade ago, Cadillac did not fare so well. They fielded a Riley & Scott designed and V8 engined LMP racer that both in Northstar LMP and Northstar LMP 01 failed to match the pace and reliability of the dominant Audi R8s.
    No update these days is complete without a bit of Geneva-related news and today is no exception. Volkswagen will take the wraps off the very frugal XL1, which promises a fuel consumption of just 1 litre per 100 km. This is made possible by a very slippery shape, a lightweight carbon fibre chassis and a diesel-hybrid drivetrain. Not quite as sophisticated is the Golf GTD also on due in Geneva. It is powered by a 181 bhp and 380 Nm diesel engine. Sister company Audi will showcase the A3 e-tron; the petrol-hybrid version of the A3, which boasts a system output of 201 bhp.

    Enjoy the links:

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    I'm no aerodynamics expert but that nose on the Williams looks like a total fail

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