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Thread: Volkswagen XL1 2013

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    I am quite old school myself- I don't use a smart phone because I prefer buttons. I can call most of the people I need to reach from muscle memory.

    But back to the topic- I checked the price of the Model S.

    The cheapest Model S is only $52,400- not too terrible for a luxury car, but everything appears to be optional- cloth interior is standard, even for the top of the line sporty one, which starts at $87,000.

    The wheelbase is identical to a BMW 5 series and is actually slightly longer than a BMW 5 series.

    While the cheapest 5 series undercuts the Tesla by $4,000 or so, it's not really prohibitively expensive if you consider it in the same class as a 5 series.

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    Have you seen the price tag of a Model S?
    Model S Options Pricing | Tesla Motors

    Model S Specs | Tesla Motors

    So far, it is the only full EV car in my opinion that can be considered an acceptable replacement.

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    Not bad. I think Tesla is finding the cost of building here, particularly with the efficiency of their production line, to not be as much of a penalty as perhaps they thought it might be.

    I think for the same core folks who bought the original Insight, though, this VW would be a decent replacement. Especially if they can keep the cost roughly in line with, say, a Prius PHEV.
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