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Thread: Peugeot 203 19481960

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    Peugeot 203 19481960

    The Peugeot 203 is a medium-sized car which was produced by the French manufacturer Peugeot between 1948 and 1960.

    The car was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1947, but by then had already been under development for more than five years. Volume manufacturing was initially hampered by strikes and shortages of materials,but production got under way late in 1948, with buyers taking delivery of 203s from early 1949.

    The 203 was Peugeot's first new model launched after World War II. During its twelve-year production run nearly 700,000 203s of all variants rolled off the assembly line in Sochaux, France. Between the demise of the 202 in 1949 and the launch of the 403 in 1955, the 203 was the only model produced by Peugeot.
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    Peugeot 203
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    Californian by nature, living in Teggsas.
    Is it just me, or does that look kinda like a 40s Ford/Chevy amalgamation?? Pretty neat little car.
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    Duell, thank you; the 203 has obsessed my whole adult life.

    jcp123 - it's looks are a bit of anything pre '48, really.
    Ford, sure - maybe via Gaz Pobeda - but there's also Plymouth, Studebaker, etc.,etc.( i can even
    be reminded of my beloved 203 by certain shapes in the Beuhrig Cord, various Alfas, Bristols, typ 356 etc.,
    but have still had to describe it as 'a VW Beetle / Morris Minor cross')

    For a 'pretty neat little car' while the styling dated quickly its other qualities earned it respect here,
    - notably winning the 1953 Redex round australia - and Peugeots were not unpopular, just too expensive maybe.

    Advanced yet practical they developed into the Pininfarina styled 403, 404 and 504 - if not 505, each roughly a decade, so the company certainly owed a lot to that particular design effort, and out of war / occupation as well.

    (the little things; same window glass for all four doors on the early model, and checking that the rear window isn't the same on the sedan and wagon/van, inverted? no, it's trimmed down, on one edge ...)

    Still quite a few running daily, as in Africa, France, of course and Europe in general also probably South America.

    Will check my truckload for any high res' i am able to add, but would love to see more - anyone have some?
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