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The Avantime was an odd one as Matra's swan-song.
The design was typical of Matra and the ground-breaking Espace before BUT Renault promoted the Vel Satis heavily in the dealership putting the nails in the efforts of Matra to be different and shake off the destruction of the Espace product under Renault leadership
Dealers I spoke to definitely felt that if Renault had not pitched the top of the Vel Satis straight at the Avantime and with heavy discounts then the Avantime would have been the winner !!
Sad. Who knows, maybe the Avantime would have survived if Renault has pushed for it...
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I really like the Avantime. If they had ever sold them here I'd be looking for a second hand one to come up.
I think the Avantime is a brilliant idea. I like it a lot as well.
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That's why it's 9/10ths the price. It sure feels like a gussied up Hyundai - but I feel for what you get it's priced pretty fairly.
I believe Hyundais (and Kias) are improving all over the range. They might not be completely up there, and there are some faults to be solved still. But while their prices have gone up since the cheapo days they are still excellent value for money and good products all round.