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Thread: Attention Webmaster! Help! Cant get onto DB9Vantage

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    Attention Webmaster! Help! Cant get onto DB9Vantage

    Hi, I dunno what's happened but I cant get onto my DB9Vantage account. I think its you Wouter that sorts stuff like this out so please can you help. Because ive got my own personal email address I cant remember what email I used but I know it ends in

    It seems wierd though because Ive got it saved to remember my name and password and I typed in the password I thought it was until it didnt let me anymore. How can you help me? Personally I think someones hacked their way onto my account or the one person who knows my password has got onto my account. Please help I wanna get annoying UKCARS about his eating habits again ...........This is so frustrating. And ive tried my password in higher and lower case. Please help!!! Ive emailed you on the link it gives when you get your email in the request form wrong. I dont mind you posting the email address its set as on the forums. Im so pi**ed off right now!

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    Check your mail.
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