Although the Porsche 962C has gone into history as one of the all time great endurance racers, there was still room in the design for improvements. Well known for racing their own modified Porsches, like the Le Mans winning 935 K3, Kremer Racing addressed several of these issues when they created the 962 CK6. This boasted a more sophisticated and much stronger aluminium honeycomb chassis and could also be run with a separate rear wing on tracks that required more downforce. The final versions of the CK6 even featured a carbon-fibre composite monocoque chassis. Although they were an improvement over the original design, the Kremer-Porsches still struggled against the much better backed works teams like TWR Jaguar and Sauber-Mercedes. The car nevertheless proved successful, particularly in Japan. As a warm-up to this 24 Hours of Le Mans, we have taken a closer look at this Kremer Porsche, resulting in a 60-shot gallery featuring five different examples.
We have today also added detailed articles on two of the leading LMP2 cars due to take the start in little over a week; the Morgan LMP2 Nissan and the Zytek Z11SN Nissan. Both of these are powered by the 4.5-litre V8 engine developed for endurance racing in partnership by Zytek Motorsport and Nismo. Another similarity is that the chassis of these cars are a direct evolution of designs introduced several years ago. On Saturday, no fewer than five Morgan LMP2s will start the race while three Zytek Z11SNs are entered, including one with backing from Caterham Formula 1 team.

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