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Thread: THe most complete car encyclopedia book series - My lifetime venture

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    And few more:

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    Forgot the upload button:

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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Some more photos in the attachment, as some of you requested:
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    As James May says: Good News:

    Regarding the fact that there are many buyers who cannot afford the hardcover full color series, i have made a decision and there will also be available a lower priced edition, paperback and black&white interior. This will cost around 35 to 40 USD/volume, including FREE shipping (shipping cost is half of the price, to be precise)

    There is also a modification in the strategy of the hardcover full color series.
    Considering these facts:
    -a low priced version
    -my intention to keep the 120 USD price, steady for all the volumes
    -shipping cost /volume, which adds to each volume
    -intention to lower the number of volumes

    I have decided to drop the 25% collector discount, but keeping the cost of the whole series, in the same value with the discount. To do this, each volume (except the first, which has been printed) will have a minimum of 400 pages.
    The book delivery service from my first office, is placed in the 1 to 2 kg category. The first 314 pages volume has 1,264 kg so a 4-500 pages book will have the same shipping cost as the first volume, but the number of volumes is dropping by 25 to 30%, making the book series even more affordable than with the 300 pages and 25% discount.

    I'm sorry, i was not able to anticipate this solution from the beginning as i had no idea what the book weight will precisely be.

    PS: The ones who already bought the first volume, will keep the 25% Discount, even if the minimum number of pages per volumes has been raised. i think this is correct to do, as they bought the book, knowing there is a 25% discount.

    I'll be back in around two days, when the website is finished, with photos and exact price of the low-priced version of the book.

    P PS: I have felt like a "killer", destroying people's dreams, who do not afford the color series and just imagined how thy felt, so that's why i decided to have two version of the books with two price ranges. The most complete car encyclopedia

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    I received the book it is great. Thanks !

    I see you have finished the website: Car enciclopedia It has a good design, but i think it can be better.

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    Where would this be available?


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    This became a subscription website:

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    allcarindex - Discover unknown - Absolutely free of any charges, 24/7h available - world's largest automobile encyclopedia:

    Discover unknown 11.000+ marques, 4600 concept car models and more than 350 self-made cars only here!

    Since 2010. Updated everyday!

    Follow in

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    Nice, but not sure other than a "coffee table" collector would want whole series as info is not very broad.
    eg take A610, no mention it was available in RHD, the first Alpine to come from the factory that way. and the A710 was destroyed as Renault marketing asked Alpine to start adding air con, heated seats etc etc all weight and cost. and then missing the very important A500 without Dieppe efforts perhaps may never see Turbo in F1

    So as a potential buyer I then wonder what other info is maybe not included
    How will you do addendums to the published works as information is updated / corrected / added ?

    Finally, the menu doesn't have Argyll motors, what models and history covered of it ?

    Wish you the best, I hope enough collectors or dealers will buy set to justify all the work you have put in.

    My comments aren't a criticism, ( well missing out world renowned and successful Argyll might be - but that's my nationalism ) just an observation which may be present in other potential purchasers and hopefully answering these will prepare you to pitch in future and achieve higher sales.
    "A woman without curves is like a road without bends, you might get to your destination quicker but the ride is boring as hell'

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