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Thread: Buick XP-300 Concept 1951

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    Buick XP-300 Concept 1951

    The XP-300 was the brainchild of Charles Chayne, GM's vice-president in charge of engineering. Its name is derived from the name 'experimental (XP)' and the fact that it is powered by a 300 hp supercharged V8 engine. Chayne reported that he attained a top speed of 140 miles per hour in the car.

    The exterior of the car is typical of the 'long and low' style that many GM stylist tried to promote in the 1950s. Over 16 feet in length, the XP-300 has only 6 and 1/2 inches of ground clearance. The body panes are made of heat-treated aluminum, which reduces the overall weight of the car to 3,100 pounds. The body and frame structure are welded into a solid unit. Wide brake drums allow for a double set of brake shoes.
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